The Healthy VA Favourite Time Recording Tools

As a Virtual Assistant, I tried almost every time recording program under the sun!  Here are my two favourite tools to save you hours of trying and testing them out yourself.


starting from US$9 per month 

Toggl is affordable and a great starting point.  

You can download the tool as a desktop app, as well as connect it to your browser.  You can also time record against separate 'Workspace' settings and create Projects, as well as integrate it with task management tools such as Asana and Zendesk. 

It's free for the first 30 days, giving you the opportunity to try before you buy. 


Starting at US$12 per month

Harvest is your next step up and my favourite out of the two.

Like Toggl, it integrates with your browsers, a phone and desktop app, as well as task management tools like Asana and Zendesk.

Additional features include setting project budgets so you can be notified automatically by email if you have reached 80% of the time budget. This is a great way to ensure you're not going over budget or to notify clients in advance that you will need to charge for additional time spent on the tasks.

Harvest is my favourite because it also offers an invoice function which you can integrate with Paypal. You're able to send clients quote estimates for their approval, as well as send invoices for the time you've recorded or for the time you have quoted for the job in advance. Harvest also lets you record your business expenses. 

I also like Harvests efficient reporting function so that you can run time recording and expense reports at the end of the month.

They offer a Free option for 1 user with maximum 2 projects. Another great way to try before you buy.

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