8 Cool Online Tools You Didn't Know About


A free mockup tool for framing photos in 'technology' settings. Like placing an image in a picture of a hand holding a phone, or a laptop on a desk. 


A searchable database of Facebook Adverts. Search for your product or service to compare or get inspiration from similar adverts.


This tool grades your websites performance, SEO, security and mobile-responsiveness. 

Adobe Voice  

Turn your business story or promotion into an animated video. Download the phone app, add images or use the icons they provide, choose your setting and music and record your story.  


Create free music tracks for your videos. Choose the sound, vibe and length of track, then download. Free for 5 tracks per month.


Free stock photography without copyright restrictions. Who doesn't love free photos!


Similar to Bit.ly where you can shorten your webpage urls, however this also provides you with a call to action pop-up on the website to drive traffic to another page (preferably you own!). 


Your own personal homepage which you can use to showcase who you are and your social media handles. This is a really good idea if you don't have a website yet.