Recommended Webinars Tools


Great for video webinars, e.g for marketing campaigns and training large groups.

As well as being on the video, you can use 'share screen' to flip between your slide presentation. You can also let attendees type questions and 'call upon' attendees to enter the video with you (if you'd like them to ask their question live on screen).

It's a fab tool which also offers registration pages, pre/post automated emails and automatically posts your recorded video directly on to YouTube.

Cost: Approx US$350 per year subscription

NOTE: As fabulous as this tool appears to be, WebinarJam can experience problems. Over the years I've seen webinars crash, the connection between Google Hangouts break and the videos not upload to YouTube. Be mindful. This is a great tool but comes with challenges! Always have an experienced Virtual Assistant on hand to help you.


Another fantastic tool and easy to use, however, offers less functionality than WebinarJam.

I recommend Zoom for intimate group calls, like group coaching sessions or focus groups. It can also be great for recording one-to-one coaching, interviews and testimonials. You can also share your screen for small tutorials etc.

The recording files download to your desktop (both audio and video) and can be manually uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, which is great if you like to edit your videos before publishing.

Automated emails are only available with the premier subscription.

Cost: From US$14.99 per month subscription

NOTE: This is the program I use for my online classes and client meetings. I've never experienced any problems with it. It's great for intimate calls but for larger webinars (100+ people) I'd look at an alternative software, or upgrade to their webinar feature.


This is another popular webinar program, particularly for those who prefer to be off-screen and just present a slide show.

It's often used for big online conferences (of 100+ attendees). People can ask questions and there is a pre/post automated email option too.

Cost: From US$49 per month subscription

NOTE: I've heard good things about Go To Webinar. It is also the webinar software that integrates with Instapage.


Perfect if you just want to host and record a tele-class (a webinar via phone audio only). Attendees call your Teleconference number and listen in via phone or Skype.

Cost: Phone call charges (which are higher than standard call rates). Attendees are also charged for the call.