Future Career Opportunities for Virtual Assistants

As you develop your skills as a Virtual Assistant, you may feel drawn to working with a favourite tool, system or project. Over time, with more experience under your belt, you can niche further to offer specific services and charge clients for 'specialist' skills.

Here are 6 specialist services you could consider:

Online Program Specialist

Do you love creating online programs and building membership sites?

Perhaps you'd like to become a specialist in creating online programs and courses, offering a service that manages the project from start to finish. This could include creating the sales page, planning the launch, setting up the membership site, managing the program and providing customer service to members, whilst the client focuses on delivering awesome content.

Marketing Consultant

Do you enjoy helping clients to set up their marketing funnels to attract new customers, such as lead pages, webinars, newsletters and social campaigns.

Why not expand your knowledge in this area by learning proven marketing techniques and offer specialist 'Online Marketing Services', including advice, technical setup and analysis of marketing campaigns.

Website Builder

If you're a whiz on websites and feel comfortable setting up online stores and membership sites, perhaps you could focus on offering web design.

As a new business owner, having a website created can be confusing, not knowing where to start and how it all works. Perhaps you could provide a trustworthy, affordable solution, offering guidance on how to create a stylish, yet simple website for their business?

Social Media Strategist

Support with social media is one of the most popular requests from health businesses, especially when it comes to daily management, setting up social media tools and creating Facebook Ads.

So, if you love social media, perhaps you'd like to study the various platforms in detail, learn how to create effective Facebook/Instagram Adverts and offer this service as a 'Social Media Strategist'.

Webinar Specialist

Becoming the Go-To person for webinar support is a great option for a Virtual Assistant. Particularly if you can also offer added features such as, setting up leadpages and email autoresponders for the pre and post marketing - the complete webinar solution!

CRM Specialist

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools offer the complete package for managing a business.

Infusionsoft and Ontraport offer 'Partner Training' where they train you to be 'consultants' and affiliates of the software. By learning these tools inside and out, you could consider becoming an 'Ontraport VA' for example and not only charge higher rates per hour to manage someone's account, but also gain referral rewards as an affiliate of the software.

Find out more about becoming an Infusionsoft Partner here or an Ontraport Partner here.