Is There a Difference Between a Virtual Assistant & a Freelancer?

With the explosion of the internet and the ever expanding virtual world, the category of 'work' is no longer limited to 'one job, one employer'.  The options are endless and empowering, especially for those who like the flexibility of working remotely, without having to report to a manager or sit in an office for 7 hours straight!

It is now possible for anyone to successfully work full-time online, location dependant and create a successful career.

So, what exactly is a freelancer and how do they work?

A freelancer is a broad category for someone who offers a service or works by the hour, day, week or per project.  He/she is self-employed and rather than working for a regular salary from one particular employer, freelancers normally work for a variety of clients or companies. Freelancers can operate remotely or can choose to work on-site depending on the type of service and the job requirements.

How is this different from a Virtual Assistant?

Technically, it’s not.  A Virtual Assistant is a (broad) category within the freelancing world.  It can be defined as someone who provides 'professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely'.  Virtual assistant services can vary from general administrative tasks to highly specialised services and they all tend to work in a freelancing capacity.

Virtual Assistants are fast becoming an essential service, especially for busy smaller businesses that don’t have the capacity to employ someone full time, and yet are in need of an extra set of hands to run the business.

Interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant? Check out The Virtual Assistant Toolbox or enquire about mentoring.