How to Schedule Instagram Posts for Your VA Clients

Thanks to social media management tools, we're able to schedule posts in advance for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ on behalf of our clients, saving us a lot of time and energy as virtual assistants. Instagram on the other hand had always been manual, as originally it was created to share 'in the moment' photos.

But seeing as I needed to manage 5+ clients Instagram accounts, there was no way I was going to do this manually! So, I searched high and low for scheduling tools and found these programs:

  • Later - (previously known as Latergramme) free for one Instagram and one Twitter account/user; tiered pricing available for additional accounts/users
  • Schedugram - 7 day free trial, then starting around $20 per month for each Instagram account that you manage, with the option to add or remove individual accounts anytime.
  • Grum - free trial offered, then $9.95 per month for 2 accounts. The monthly price then reduces the more accounts you include, up to 5 accounts for $2.95 per month

I've tried all platforms and I prefer Schedugram. Yes, you have to pay for it, but it's a streamlined process where you can upload single or bulk images, add filters and image text, and even add hashtags as a comment. Then you can sit back and let Schedugram automatically post your images for you.

Grum is my second choice because it’s more affordable and you can upload and post automatically. However, it doesn’t have the filter or second comment option.

Later is a good option, especially as it’s free for one account, but there are two reasons why it's not in my top two -

  1. There's no filter option.
  2. Although you can schedule the posts in advance, you have to manually hit the ‘Share’ button when they’re ready to go out. The Later App (which you have to download to your phone) sends you a notification when the image is ready to post, so it's not technically fully automated.

Recently Hootsuite, another social media management tool, included Instagram to their feed, so you're able to schedule from there too, along with your other accounts. However, it's similar to Later where you have to manually press 'Share' on your phone when the image is ready to go.

To summarise:

  • Later is suitable if you’re just managing one Instagram account and are happy to press 'Share' manually.
  • Hootsuite is only worth it if you already use this program for your other social media accounts.
  • Grum & Schedugram are the two I recommend to manage more than one Instagram account for your clients.

Have you tried any of these programs? Which one did you prefer? Share your experience in the comments below.